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Sustainability is a key concern for the Coind Group: over the years we have made significant investments in various projects with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of our products. We have taken many actions in various fields: from the achievement of numerous certifications to the work of our R&D department on new products and recyclable packaging, from the streamlining of production to reduce our emissions to the management of production waste. This all-round focus extends throughout the supply chain and we expect it to continue in the years to come.

The Climate Neutral Certified Coffee project

In December 2020, we became the first Italian roasting company to produce climate neutral coffee by recording, reducing and offsetting emissions from the entire production cycle, from the plantation to the shelf.

Joining the Climate Neutral Group project has a twofold purpose: on the one hand, Coind immediately started offsetting the emissions generated from its production by joining the certified climate project Jacundà Forest Conservation; on the other hand, the company launched a process to streamline its production, aimed at improving the management of its plants and increasingly reducing the need for offsetting its CO2 emissions.

Our certifications

Organic / Fairtrade / Rainforest Alliance

For a long time already, our range has included blends certified by associations that guarantee respect for the environment and protection of workers, such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or CCPB (Italian Consortium for the Control of Organic Products). As far as Fairtrade is concerned, in 1996 we were one of the first companies in Europe to collaborate with this international organisation, which aims to ensure respect for the rights of producers and workers in developing countries. We have been important partners of UTZ for years, and have continued our collaboration even after its merger - in 2018 - with Rainforest Alliance, a partnership created to more effectively address threats such as deforestation, climate change and social inequality. Finally, we can supply our customers with coffee produced according to the principles of organic farming, in other words, produced using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.

Products and packaging

With our proprietary system, we have sold some 70 million peel-off capsules throughout Italy. We currently produce Nespresso®* compatible capsules that are suitable for industrial composting and are working on solutions for home composting. Parallel to research into products, we are also carrying out research into packaging. For some time now, the cardboard used for our cartons has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), meaning that the raw materials for our cardboard boxes are made from responsibly managed forestry resources, with traceable and verifiable origins. Our R&D department is also studying the use of recyclable materials for the packaging of coffee beans.

The streamlining of production processes

Among the projects launched to reduce our emissions and energy consumption, the most relevant are undoubtedly:

The use of energy from renewable sources in our plants since 2015. By way of example, all the energy purchased in 2020 came from certified renewable sources and enabled us to prevent the release of 2,367 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, that would otherwise have been the case if we had used non-renewable sources;

The recent acquisition of a factory equipped with a powerful photovoltaic system, which enables the production of about 5% of the group's energy needs;

The monitoring of our machinery using software to collect information 24 hours a day and allow significant energy savings of 4 Megawatts per week.

Re-lamping the entire plant with LED lamps.

Promoting rational energy use at all levels to reduce waste.

Reducing emissions and waste

Among the projects launched to reduce emissions and waste, it is worth highlighting:

The RE.WIND project, which allows plastic film from incoming goods to be regenerated and used for new shipments, resulting in a 100% recycled and recyclable material.

The use of roasting machines with catalytic filters to reduce emissions.

The sorting of waste and the promotion of recycling in the company

Ethical supply chain and working conditions

Coind has always believed in the certification system. For several years now, we have been certified OHSAS 18001, an international standard for managing the health and safety of workers. The application of this system is voluntary yet important for a company as it openly declares the group's interest in the well-being of its employees.

In 2019 we successfully passed the SMETA 2 pillar audit (which verifies that there are working, health and safety conditions that meet the Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit criteria). In 2020 we successfully passed the SMETA 4 pillar audit, which also includes verification of working environment and business practices. Learn more about Coind Group certifications

Sustainability certifications



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