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Frequent questions

We produce capsules compatible with the main market standards: Nespresso®*, Dolce Gusto®* (capsules containing coffee and hot drinks), Lavazza Blue®*, A Modo Mio®*, Keurig K-Cup®*.

We oversee the entire production process, from the selection of the beans to the packaging of the coffee, which allows us to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products. For this reason, we do not deal with any coffee produced by other companies.

We have many ready-made recipes. Our quality, research and development experts can also create a specific blend based on your sample, in which case we obviously have to apply a minimum order quantity, to be agreed on together.

This service is not available. Our company's core business is coffee roasting. For this type of request, we advise you to contact a capsule manufacturer.

Yes, you can provide us with your own graphics in line with our technical drawings. Alternatively, we can study a proposal together with our graphic agency; this service must be quoted separately.

It depends on the type of capsule you choose. For Nespresso®* compatible capsules, for example, it is 109,200 capsules per blend. For other capsules, you can find the minimum order quantity on the respective pages of this site.

We offer 4 types of Nespresso®* compatible capsules: aluminium, compostable, traditional plastic or plastic with a metallic effect. The different types have different shelf-lives and are available in several colours: you will find information on each capsule on the respective page of this site.

Tell us about your project in detail so that we can give you all the information you need and create the most suitable offer for you.